Festivities on Bhai Dooj and Gift Ideas

The celebration which originates before Rakshabandhan and is all the more generally celebrated in Northern India is Bhai Dooj. It unites siblings and sisters who are isolated by separations and social commitments. The “tilak” which the sister applies on her sibling’s temple is viewed as exceptionally propitious and is the fundamental noteworthiness of the celebration separated from Bhai Dooj Gifts and desserts.

The celebration is commended in the long stretch of October – November, two days after Diwali. In spite of the fact that the date is not settled it falls on the new moon night and is precisely ascertained by pandits. This celebration expands the sibling sister bond and is very worshipped by Hindus.

There are a few stories supporting the celebration. It is trusted that Yamraj the lord of death went by his sister Yamuna on this day. Yamuna connected the vermilion tilak on his brow and put a laurel around him, wishing him well. They traded Giftss and desserts. Yamraj was pleased to the point that he reported that any individual who gets a vermilion tilak on this promising day will never be driven through damnation’s entryways. Consequently Bhai Dooj is otherwise called Yama Dwitiya.

Another legend accentuates that in the wake of vanquishing the evil spirit Narakasura Lord Krishna went to his sister Subhadra’s home. She invited him with aarti (lit diya), blossoms and desserts. She at that point connected the tilak on his temple. From that point forward it is trusted that upon the arrival of Bhai Dooj the sibling goes to the sister’s home and the ‘vermilion tilak’ is an image of adoration and petitions from a sister to her sibling.

The celebration is commended with much zeal by all individuals who watch Diwali. Puja is performed at a similar place where divinities were adorned for Diwali. Sisters apply tilak on the sibling’s temple, play out the aarti and offer desserts. The aarti is joined by a perfectly beautified thali which contains roli and rice in particular Katoris. Thalis are decorated with shaded grains, pepper, buds, petals, leaves, dabs and sequins. Bhai Dooj desserts are additionally a critical piece of the thali.

The celebration is known as Bhai Phota, Bhatri Ditya, Bhai Tika, Bhathru Dwithiya and Yama Dwithiya. The festivals check a family get together and are events of celebration. In a few sections of the nation there are exceptional social occasions composed to stamp the festival.

Mithai are additionally one of a kind to the celebration and desserts and different Giftss are traded as a piece of the party. Sending Bhai Dooj desserts to India is currently made simple with various online stores that effectively oblige the requirements of clients. Kin isolated by separations may send Giftss to India utilizing internet shopping bazaars.

There are a few aspects to the widely acclaimed celebration of Diwali. It is commended for five days in a large portion of northern India and Bhai Dooj is seen on the most recent day. The Puja method, creatively enlivened thali, energetic hues, the centrality of the “tilak” and above all the uncommon power of profound devotion, amongst sibling and sister make this a fantastically noteworthy celebration.

Best creative corporate gifts to present your employees

A corporate Gift mirrors the brand picture of an organization and ought to be chosen deliberately. An organization chooses diverse sorts of Gifts to be circulated among its workers. These Gifts are intended to be exhibited to your representatives, business accomplices, partners, and so on. They can be in different structures relying upon the event like innovative corporate Gifts, corporate presents for Diwali, and so on. Presently, one of the goals to appropriate such things for an organization is to hold its current customer base as well as to get new customers.

Choosing your best corporate Gifts provider online is as yet a standout amongst the most favored goal. You can unquestionably pick some stunning accumulations of inventive Gifts on the web. You might want to shop some irregular Gifts things with a specific end goal to keep up imagination and uniqueness.

These Gifts are perceived to offer you an impeccable gathering of creative and elite Gifts things. They are additionally not exorbitant and can be displayed to your customers at conferences, summit or amid question and answer sessions. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you miss the mark regarding special and inventive corporate Gifts thoughts, at that point you may even go to online specialists and request a portion of the best web based gifting thoughts.

Redoing your Gifts is another thought that can be similarly productive for your image mindfulness. It might effectively assist you to enhance your business relations with your customers. For that, you may pick a special and innovative logo for your organization that can likewise enhance your business relations with your customers. In the meantime, it will likewise help enhance your organization’s image mindfulness.

Presently, in the event that you are hoping to begin totally another business and need some forthcoming customers, at that point you may embrace some bizarre Gifts thoughts. You may even endeavor to look for important proposals from rumored online specialists.

In the event that you need to manage your business, at that point you have to think in the most imaginative ways. For that, you may embrace certain practices that harvest you various inventive corporate Gifts thoughts. Aside from some typical Gifts like pen, mugs, packs, blooms, you may proceed with all the more crisp and creative Gifts thoughts to extend your image esteem.

On the off chance that there is a bubbly season round the corner, at that point it gives you a thought to celebrate. It’s an ideal opportunity to expect some truly pleasant looking imaginative corporate Gifts from your organization. For instance, organizations endeavor to buy colossal Gifts things on the event of Diwali. In the meantime, representatives likewise feel energized after they get Gifts amid such exceptional events. Representatives likewise feel pleased to be a piece of an association where he or she functions as it gives them the sort of acknowledgment they anticipate.

6 Best Diwali Gift Ideas for Employees

One of the most awaited holidays in the Indian calendar, Diwali is an incredible festival. Known as the festival of lights, it is one of the most popular of festivals among the Hindus. The festival celebrates the victory of good over the forces of darkness, as symbolized by the lighting of lamps in all houses.

One of the characteristics of the celebrations of this festival is the exchanging of gifts. People give gifts to their loved ones, family members, friends and other acquaintances. Even companies have begun to indulge in this tradition by offering gifts to their employees during Diwali.

This is certainly an excellent idea. Everyone loves to receive gifts, especially on Diwali. By gifting, companies recognize the hard work that their employees put into the company. Gifts show the love and gratitude for the employees. It is a great way to boost the employee morale and improve team building efforts.

If you have been wondering what Diwali gift for employee to give, here are a few ideas that you can use.


Diyas are a traditional favorite for gifts during Diwalis. Made out of clay, these lamps use oil to provide light. They are often used for lighting homes and offices during Diwali. Even though they are made out of clay, diyas are now available in a wide range of sizes and designs. Of course, they are very useful. The diyas can be used for lighting up the home during the Diwali festivities. Depending on the design, they may even be used over and over again.

You can easily get high-quality diyas before the festival. To make a really impressive gift, you can opt for sets of colorful diyas with intricate designs. Your employees are certain to appreciate them.

Lamps and Candles

Of course, diyas are not the only lighting options that you can give during the festival of lights. Candles and lamps are popular options as well. These days, candles come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and designs. You can easily get candles with highly intricate designs. Even if the employees do not light these fancy candles, they can still be used as a stunning showpiece around the house.

This is the same with lamps. Electric lamps are now available in an incredible variety of designs, from the highly artistic to the simple and yet elegant. They can be hung from the ceiling, placed on the walls or kept on tables. Moreover, you can easily get lamps suitable for your budget. Since they are utilitarian, your employees are sure to love your choice.

Diwali Sweets and Dry Fruits

Of course, it goes without saying that Diwali celebrations remain incomplete without sweets and dry fruits. Gifting these items is a tradition during Diwali, making them the best Diwali gifts for employees as well. Since these are edibles, your employees and their families will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

The great thing about sweets and dry fruits is that they can suit all budgets. You can easily create gift hampers with the sweets and dry fruits of your choice. Of course, you can choose either one of them if you want. Traditionally, the sweets chosen as Diwali gifts are barfi and laddoo. As for dry fruits, the ones chosen are cashews, almonds and raisins.

You have a greater degree of versatility when it comes to choosing the packaging options. While you can always give sweets and dry fruits on trays, you should think about investing in boxes. Boxes are not only more useful but also give you the opportunity to customize it as per your preferences. You can print the name of your company for example.


Diwali is also a time when people make investments. It is a tradition as well to put a silver coin with the idols as they are being worshipped. As such, silver makes an excellent option for your gifts to your employees

The great thing about silver is that there is no shortage of options. Silver coins are certainly popular apart from a very feasible option. You can get these coins in different purities. Therefore, you can easily find a coin suitable to your budget. Silver coins that are to be used as Diwali gifts will typically have an engraving of Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesh.

Apart from coins, you can also gift silverware such as silver glasses. Keep in mind that these options will be more expensive than silver coins. Nonetheless, they make excellent gifts for employees during Diwali.


During Diwali, most shops and online shopping sites offer massive discounts on their products. This is especially the case with gadgets. Therefore, it can actually be cost-effective for you to gift gadgets to your employees on Diwali. Of course, the budget will have to be sizeable if you are planning to gift such items. On the other hand, there are plenty of gadgets that do not cost much and are still useful for people. Pen drives are always useful for people and they are quite cheap. Another topnotch option would be mobile power banks.

Customized Chocolates

Chocolates are incredibly versatile gifts. There is no shortage of occasions in which you can give chocolates. Since nearly everyone loves it, your gifts are not going to go without bringing a smile. While it is possible to gift a random assortment of chocolates, it would be a better idea if you opt for personalized chocolates.

You can easily get personalized chocolates at DXB Gifts. You can choose any design you want and place it on top of the chocolates. You can choose a design for the boxes as well. As such, it will be a completely personalized gift that your employees are certain to enjoy. In fact, it can easily be one of the best ideas for Diwali gifts for employees. DXB Gifts allows you to print on pieces or an entire bar of chocolate. You have the option of selecting the number of pieces in a box as well.

Diwali is a time of joy and celebration. As such, you should spread some cheer among the people who work hard for you and your organization. Show them your love and appreciation by giving them one of the above gifts.

How can corporate gifts help in building your company’s brand?

Corporate are using many different ways to ensure that their brand gets the recognition it deserves. Today’s branding has become of the biggest ways to survive in this cut throat competition. With the help of proper branding, organizations are able to deliver on their targets and even reach to wide range of consumers.

Corporate gifts have today become a very important part of brand building. These gifts are given either internally or externally by top level management. Internal gifts are given to staff members, executives, managers or other contributors for their good work. External gifts are given to clients to keep them happy with the association. There are many different benefits of corporate gifts, here are some of them:

Positive morale among workers

When corporate gifts are provided to workers, it can help build a very positive morale among staff members. These gifts are mainly given when a particular staff member has done some outstanding work or has worked to help in betterment of the company. When gifts are provided it can ensure that company is happy about the effort and have noticed the good work. Gifting the shareholder, with corporate gifts can also be very effective as it can make them feel as if their investment is appreciated.

Image building

External gifting can be the best way to promote your business and keep your clients satisfied. When a personalized gift is provided to a client then it can make them feel a lot more connected and send a message that you care for them. This exercise can be very effective in building new customers and provide you with perfect opportunity to increase your business reach.

Attract customers and clients

Gifts with brand name can be very effective in attracting customers. Take an example of trade show, if you present a gifts with your brand name them it make sure that your brand gets the recognition it deserves. When such gifts are presented, it will not only make an instant connection with the clients but will also make an instant connect with them. With a good gift in hand, customers will have a visual reminder about your brand which can help in future endeavors.

Network new products across company

It is not necessary that gifts should be a pen or t-shift with logo of your brand. Considering your products, you can gift something which is going to be launched soon. This can be very effective as it can provide an impression that clients are treated in a more special manner. These gifts will keep customers your brand in a positive manner in your clients.

Brand recognition

Corporate gifts should be long-lasting and can be very useful. Items like key chains, pens, notebook, memo-pads or other office supplies are something which is used daily. If these gifts are presented with the name of your brand then it can provide you with a perfect way to grow your brand.

These are some of the top benefits of gifting a corporate gift. It can not only ensure that you get the best way to promote your brand but will also keep you company in good books.

Popular Corporate Gift Ideas in Bangalore

Bangalore is an IT hub of the country. It is one city which has many youth and foreigners working in different corporation.  In an attempt to keep their moral high and ensure that they like working with you, corporate gifts are widely used. Corporate gifts can make sure that you business has a special place the minds of clients and staff.

If you are looking to gift your staff with a gift then there is nothing to worry about. Here are some of best gifts which you can give you your staff members

Customized Pen Drive

As there is a good change that your organization is going to be related to computer, gifting a pen drive can be very good decision. There are many online as well as physical stores who sell customized pen drives in bulk quantities. Pen drives are going to be very effective and can make sure that you get the best way to show your care for them.

Personalized beer or coffee mug

If you are looking for something classy and elegant then beer or coffee mug will be good. This is a very useful and thoughtful gift which everyone will use in the houses. Coffee mugs can also be very good for your promotions. As coffee is something which people drink daily, the mug will keep reminding them about your business every time they take a sip.


There are many different assorted chocolates packs available in the market. Selecting one of these packs can be very effective as it can provide you with a perfect way to show your care for others. Everyone likes chocolates and this can be one gift which will be well appreciated. Not just the person you are gifting it will like the pack but even their family members will like it.

Laughing Buddha

It is widely believed that laughing Buddha is a symbol of prosperity and luck. When you gift someone with this wonderful gift it can instantly please them and bring them good luck. Also one of the biggest benefit with this gift is that it is usually kept in the living rooms or offices. If you personalize the gift with the name and logo of your business then it can be perfect for promotion. The gift will also make sure that your brand is well marketed and you can have the positive response from a customer.

Spa or Yoga Session

It should be noted that a relaxation break is very important for your staff members. Best way to make sure that you provide them with perfect break is when you gift them with a spa or yoga session. It can be perfect to take their minds of the work and provide them with much needed stress relief. This will not just be liked by them but will also keep them healthy and fit.

These are some of the best gifts you can give to your staff and clients. It will make sure that your brand is well liked and there is a prolonged association.

10 Best Corporate Gift ideas for a product launch

Corporate gifts are very popular and can perfect to build a positive image of your brand. It can strengthen relation with your customers and can ensure that you have the best way to promote your brand. When in the market to search for gifts, there are many different options available, here are some of the top gifting ideas for yourself:

1 Logo Chocolates

Every one like chocolates, imagine your new logo printed on them. Introduce your new brand on chocolates. A perfect gift for product launch. It will definitely have a long lasting recall for your brand. As a launch gifts, logo chocolates can be perfect and can provide you with a good way to be in positive frame of mind.

2. Card holder

Card holders are again a very effective gift for as a corporate gift. Card holders are very effective in business cards on the desk. Benefit of gifting card holder is that it will always keep your brand in the eye of customer. Card holders are very easy to pick out and can be a perfect incentive for the customer. Card holders are also easy to print with your brand name and can be personalized according to your need.

3. Phone holders

Just like card holders, phone holders are also a very good corporate gift. This is a very thoughtful gift which will be used on regular basis. There are many innovative and attractive designs available in the market which makes the phone holder a perfect gift. These gifts are also available in bulk quantity and can be easily gifted to the customers.

4. Photo frames

Photo frames can be perfect for gifting your clients and other associated. Gifting photo frames will make sure clients realize that you car for them. There are many customized photo frame available that can make the gift more special.

5. Paperweight

Paperweight are today used widely in offices and other organizations. They are today considers as the perfect corporate gifts and an ensure that your band is kept in the minds of customers. While selecting the gift, you can go for a designer paperweight so that it can make your gift more special to others.

6. Cuff links

Cuff links are very crucial fashion accessories which are used by professionals. When you decide to gift, cuff links as a gift, it can keep you always close to your clients. There are also making personalized cuff links which can be a perfect gift to give.

7. Coffee Mugs

Coffee mugs are again a very widely used gift which can be perfect for our staff as well as for clients. Coffee break are enjoyed across world and with your mug, your brand can be in their minds forever.

8. Ties

Ties can be perfect corporate gift. Using these gifts can be perfect to add the style and elegance. Ties can also be found in large number making it easy to gift.

9. Polo shirts

Polo shirts look professional and can be perfect to set in a positive mind set. They are also very fashionable and long lasting, thus can keep your brand in the mind of clients.

10. Pens

Pens have been classic corporate gifts which have been used since ages. Personalizing these pens can make the gift more special.