Festivities on Bhai Dooj and Gift Ideas

The celebration which originates before Rakshabandhan and is all the more generally celebrated in Northern India is Bhai Dooj. It unites siblings and sisters who are isolated by separations and social commitments. The “tilak” which the sister applies on her sibling’s temple is viewed as exceptionally propitious and is the fundamental noteworthiness of the celebration separated from Bhai Dooj Gifts and desserts.

The celebration is commended in the long stretch of October – November, two days after Diwali. In spite of the fact that the date is not settled it falls on the new moon night and is precisely ascertained by pandits. This celebration expands the sibling sister bond and is very worshipped by Hindus.

There are a few stories supporting the celebration. It is trusted that Yamraj the lord of death went by his sister Yamuna on this day. Yamuna connected the vermilion tilak on his brow and put a laurel around him, wishing him well. They traded Giftss and desserts. Yamraj was pleased to the point that he reported that any individual who gets a vermilion tilak on this promising day will never be driven through damnation’s entryways. Consequently Bhai Dooj is otherwise called Yama Dwitiya.

Another legend accentuates that in the wake of vanquishing the evil spirit Narakasura Lord Krishna went to his sister Subhadra’s home. She invited him with aarti (lit diya), blossoms and desserts. She at that point connected the tilak on his temple. From that point forward it is trusted that upon the arrival of Bhai Dooj the sibling goes to the sister’s home and the ‘vermilion tilak’ is an image of adoration and petitions from a sister to her sibling.

The celebration is commended with much zeal by all individuals who watch Diwali. Puja is performed at a similar place where divinities were adorned for Diwali. Sisters apply tilak on the sibling’s temple, play out the aarti and offer desserts. The aarti is joined by a perfectly beautified thali which contains roli and rice in particular Katoris. Thalis are decorated with shaded grains, pepper, buds, petals, leaves, dabs and sequins. Bhai Dooj desserts are additionally a critical piece of the thali.

The celebration is known as Bhai Phota, Bhatri Ditya, Bhai Tika, Bhathru Dwithiya and Yama Dwithiya. The festivals check a family get together and are events of celebration. In a few sections of the nation there are exceptional social occasions composed to stamp the festival.

Mithai are additionally one of a kind to the celebration and desserts and different Giftss are traded as a piece of the party. Sending Bhai Dooj desserts to India is currently made simple with various online stores that effectively oblige the requirements of clients. Kin isolated by separations may send Giftss to India utilizing internet shopping bazaars.

There are a few aspects to the widely acclaimed celebration of Diwali. It is commended for five days in a large portion of northern India and Bhai Dooj is seen on the most recent day. The Puja method, creatively enlivened thali, energetic hues, the centrality of the “tilak” and above all the uncommon power of profound devotion, amongst sibling and sister make this a fantastically noteworthy celebration.